Blue hair – with Arctic Fox hair dye

How to: blue hair

How can I dye my hair blue?

To achieve a clear blue the hair has to be as light as possible, without a yellow cast. While this is important for every fashion hair color (e.g. purple, pink, green) it is especially necessary for blue because if you mix blue with yellow the result will be turquoise or green. (what you’re obviously don’t want duh!) Blue + yellow = green!

Do I have to bleach my hair in order to dye it blue?

Since most people don’t have natural platinum-blond hair bleaching is indeed necessary.  If you have a yellow cast after the bleaching you should neutralize it with purple shampoo or a toner. Remains of washed out purple or pink is not a problem since these tones usually fade to a white and don’t pull yellow or orange – what you want to avoid!

How does blue hair fade?

As I’ve already mentioned blue mixed with yellow equals green. The main problem with blue hair color is that undesirable green cast that comes through after a few washes. From my experience: The darker the blue, the faster and brassier the green cast. Lighter blue usually fades to a silver, a white or – the worst-case scenario – to a mint green, which is easy to correct.

In order to maintain the blue as clear and cool as possible and to prevent green cast you should use silver shampoo and conditioner every other day or even a purple color on top of it.

When will blue hair fade?

Blue hair dye lasts way longer than other alternative colors. Red and orange for example fade the fastest while blue lasts longer and can be quite though to remove. In my hair Arctic Fox Poseidon lasted more than eight weeks while Periwinkle lasted about one month.

Review: Arctic Fox  Poseidon and Periwinkle

Three years ago I had a pretty bad encounter with blue hair dye. After using La Roche’s Midnight Blue and the aftermath (I don’t even want to think about it!) life avoided blue. Until I’ve got the urge to look like a mermaid this summer and tried two of the blue shades that Arctic Fox offers.

For the shadow root look I applied Poseidon on the roots and Periwinkle to the length. Poseidon is a medium dark true blue – with the tendency to pull a tiny bit greenish as it fades. Periwinkle is a light purplish blue that fades to a beautiful silver with a touch of mint.



After dyeing, the color remained constant for about two weeks and just got a little lighter with each wash. (FYI I wash my hair two to three times a week)

Next I started washing more frequent with a cleansing shampoo because I needed to get rid of the blue in order to bleach my roots and change the color to orange.

After approximately five weeks it looked like this: Poseidon got a little lighter and stayed pretty cool-toned. Periwinkle faded to a beautiful silver.


If you want to know how I got rid of the remaining color stay tuned for the next post!

Now I want to know your thoughts regarding blue hair. Have you tried it? Or did you use any other color from Arctic Fox? Let me know what you think about it!


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